What Is Day Training?

Do you want to come home to a well behaved dog but dont have the time to do it yourself? Then our Day Training services might just be for you!

You may have seen that many trainers in the Lehigh Valley offer a service called “day training.” But what does it mean? 

Day training is a program where a trainer comes into your home while you are not there (whether you’re working, out with the family or on vacation) and trains your dog for you. Sounds pretty nice right?

Your trainer will meet with you to discuss your goals and come up with a plan. Then you both will decide how many sessions are necessary to accomplish those goals. After that your trainer will plan to come to your home 1-3 times per week and train your dog for you. 

After every few sessions, the trainer will meet with you to go over the skills the dog has learned and teach you any cues necessary to help your dog maintain that behavior. 

This is a great service because you can have a well behaved dog without needing to be there! And your dog can learn at home as opposed to a busy kennel or a strangers home. Working directly with a dog trainer can accelerate learning as well, since the trainer is already skilled in what is needed to get the behaviors. 

When deciding on a company for day training services, make sure they are bonded as well as insured (like us) so that you can feel confident when they are in your home alone. 

If this sounds like the service for you and your family, check out our Day Training page and feel free to contact us today!