Check out this list of frequently asked questions. When you’re ready, we’ll be happy to answer more specific queries about your personal situation with your dog.

What’s your training philosophy?

We use evidence-based positive reinforcement training. The main idea is to reward what we do want and ignore, redirect or create new behavior in place of what we don’t want. In order to do this we use clicker training or marker training.

What is clicker training?

Clicker training employs the use of a plastic tool that makes a clicking sound in order to mark the behavior that your dog has done that is correct. It is also known as marker training. You can use a verbal marker and for deaf dogs or other animals a flickering light or physical tap.

Why are your prices different than group classes?

Companies offering group classes can stand to make their prices lower because they teach many dog/human teams at the same time. Private in-home training offers you the chance to receive a totally private lesson in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Are you a 100% “purely positive” trainer?

The short answer is no. The longer answer is this: When we employ the four quadrants of operant conditioning in our training (which I do) I like to think of “positive reinforcement” as being married to “negative punishment.” Hear me out! Negative punishment means we are taking something desirable away (negative) in order to decrease an undesirable behavior (punishment). Examples of this are removing our attention from a puppy who nips at us, or a dog who jumps on us, or when our dog pulls on a leash we stop instead of allowing them to keep pulling. So, there are occasions where we use this form of “punishment.”

However, I am a force free trainer and do not use any aversive tools, like prongs collar or shock collars, or any physical corrections like leash popping or pushing my dogs butt down to sit. 

What kinds of behaviors can you teach my dog?

Our trainer can help you train your dog in basic obedience, basic to advanced skills, appropriate leash walking, how to greet guests, housebreaking and more. Our trainer is also equipped to help with behavior modification, dealing with reactive dogs and handling anxiety, fears and phobias.

How do I maintain my dog’s training?

Training is a two way street. While our trainer will help you understand and develop the skills to maintain your dog’s training, it is your responsibility to keep up your dog’s skills through continued practice. We offer lifetime phone and email support if you are struggling with something we covered in our program. Contact us so we can help you troubleshoot!

What is your payment policy?

We accept cash, check or credit cards and payments made through Paypal and Venmo. Upfront payment is due at the consultation. 

What is your refund policy?

There are NO refunds given for rendered services. Refunds are only given on prepaid sessions that have not yet been used. For example, if you buy a 6 session package and decide only to use 5, the last session can be refunded. Refunds come via check in 7-10 business days from the date requested.

What is your cancellation policy?

Appointments, whether virtual or in person, must be cancelled at least 24 hours before your scheduled session except in the case of illness or emergency involving a family member or the dog or inclement weather. Appointments cancelled after that time will be be forfeited and not made up.