Now Featuring: Behavior Walks!

Our latest service: Behavior Walks, focusing on loose leash walking and leash reactivity.

I’m excited to let you all know that I will now be taking bookings for behavior walks. a new service focusing on teaching leash manners, loose leash walking and improving leash reactivity.

What are Behavior walks and Why are they important?

Leash walking can be one of the most frustrating issues for dog owners, especially when we’d like to take them out into the world make sure they are appropriately socialized. Behavior walks are tailored specifically to your dogs needs and are focused on their leash walking skills and their behavior in public. It is not a pet sitting or dog walking service.

If your dog is constantly pulling on the leash and looks more like a sled dog then a family pet this service is for you! The benefit of behavior walks to you is that our trainer will come to your home and take your dog for a 30 minute walk. On this walk the trainer will focus on helping the dog learn proper leash manners and how to manage their excitement while outdoors, all while using positive reinforcement!

At the end of the session the trainer will bring your dog home and offer you a report about the walk and any tips for management until the next session. Session packages are 3 for $90 or 6 for $175. Upon completion of your 3 or 6 sessions you will see a remarkable difference if your dogs ability to walk well on a leash and follow your requests for good behavior outside.

For more information check out our page on Behavior Walks or email us to set up a consultation so that we can explain how this service can best meet your dog training needs!

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