Are you looking for a way to mentally exercise and enrich your dog’s life? The All Star Enrichment Gift Set has EVERYTHING you need to do just that. Curated by our CDPT-KA trainer, your dog will experience four different enrichment puzzles, a brain game puzzle for problem solving, a snufflemat for searching and foraging, a LickiMat for entertainment and stress reduction, and a treat dispensing ball to make meal and treat times more fun! Plus, we give you the treats you need to get started!

All Star Enrichment Kit includes:

  • LickiMat Soother
  • ZippyPaws SmartyPaws 3-in-1 Puzzle
  • The Snuffle Club Snuffle Mat & Tug (Camo, Pink or Blue)
  • Omega Paw Tricky Treat Ball- Large
  • Happy Howie’s 7 oz. Lamb Meat Roll
  • West Paw Creamy Dog Treat Beef Liver & Pumpkin