New Program Packages

Hello there and thanks for visiting my blog!

I wanted to take a minute today and highlight each of the new programs I’ve just developed. These new program packages are designed with busy families in mind, to help you achieve your training goals with your dog as quickly as possible.

The first in our new line of program packages is the Puppy Kindergarten Program. This program is made for puppies under 6 months of age. You will get 5 one-hour visits, one-on-one with a trainer and in the comfort of your own home. The PK Program is designed to help your puppy learn their beginner obedience skills and to provide you with support for common puppy raising issues, like housebreaking, crafting training and puppy biting.

Our next program is for dogs who are a bit older but have not had any formal training. This program is called Hound High School! It is designed for dogs over 6 months of age who need work on their beginner behaviors and management of issues happening in the home. Owners and their pets will get 7 one-on-one sessions with a trainer and it includes a clicker tool, homework and handouts as well as the lifetime email/phone support offered with all of our programs.

After our dogs have been through basic training they can graduate to our Canine College Program! This program was developed to help our previously trained dogs learn to use their skills out in the community. We are focused on helping our dogs cope with higher levels of distractions and proof their good behaviors out in public. You will receive 9 sessions with a trainer, a clicker, homework and handouts and our lifetime phone/email support.

Our last new program is a spin on traditional board and train programs. Instead of sending your dog away to be trained, how about having them work in the comfort of their own homes! This is where our Two-Week Doggie Day Camp program comes in. During this program our trainer will work with your dog for three days in row each week. On the 4th day of each week our trainer will meet with you and your dog to each you the skills to maintain your dog’s newly acquired behaviors. As always, you will receive homework and handouts, as well has training reports after each visit and our lifetime phone/email support.

To learn more and see a full list of pricing, head over to our training page! We hope to hear from you soon!